Heat Gun

2 speed heat gun with variable heat control for maximum control

Ergonomic handle design for comfortable use even over extended periods of time

Special protection on the heating element for increased life

Variable heat setting for material appropriate working and a large variety of applications

Useful for Stripping old paint, Drying new coats of paint filler, Varnish applications, Re-melts adhesives/ removing stickers, Soft soldering pipes, Moulding and welding plastics, Shrinking cable ends, foil and sleeves, Welding applications, Thawing frozen water pipes, ski waxing etc

Part# : JCB-HG2000-EM
Wattage: 2000W
Temperature Range:
Mode 1: 50-450oC
Mode 2: 60-600oC
Air Flow Volume:
Mode 1: 250 l/min
Mode 2: 500 l/min


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